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To Me, to Brew: The Importance of Having a Decent Mug

By Natalie Haywood.

With the ups and downs of graduate life – friends moving away, relationships changing, job competition increasing, not to mention being thrown out of the comforting bubble of university – it’s hard to find something that isn’t changing as we try to navigate our 20s and beyond.

But look no more, the answer to stability can be found in the very mug you put your teabag in at the start of the day.

A survey by Heinz in 2015 found that 60% of people have an emotional attachment to their favourite mug and one-sixth of participants said they’d sulk if someone else used it and I can’t say I wouldn’t be quietly seething if someone walked past me at work whilst sipping out of my prized Gavin and Stacey mug. Some may scoff in the belief that a nice mug is just another form of materialism, but these are the same people that have never experienced the shame of going to a pal’s house for a catch-up and being handed a five-year-old Mini Eggs mug.


There’s just something comforting about

using a mug that you chose,

a mug that is stained with your ghosts of tea past.


We all know the benefits of drinking not only black tea but fruit and herbal teas too. From boosting heart health to providing us with antioxidant properties, there isn’t much that a cup of the warm stuff can’t do – and the perfect mug match will transform your brew into a hug. In fact why stop at just one? In the age of COVID-19, sharing mugs and cutlery in workplaces may well be a thing of the past and investing in one for work and one for home means you’ll won’t have to go through the trauma of trying to pick between two mugs you love in the homeware aisle of ASDA.


So, if you don’t have a favourite mug, I’d recommend having a shop online to find your new favourite drinking partner; your brew will never be the same again.



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