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To the wonderful lady in the bookshop who once said to us,

"We don't want the next ones growing up dull"

Your passion and positivity will forever inspire us and you could not be more right, thank you.

We are aware with how “the dull ones we have running the place” are creating this disenchantment with the arts throughout society and this has inspired us to make a difference. We fear that the dismissive attitude towards the arts in schools will lead to a generation stifled by the inability to express themselves. This can stop them from developing into analytical, confident and empathetic members of society.


Education is important to us, whether it be education in schools, games in tiny corners of local book shops or a joke shared between audiences. Live theatre is the driving force to show the younger generation the beauty of getting creative and letting your imagination run wild.


Due to our discontent with the lack of acceptance of artistry within society, we strive to act as a force of optimism for the future of the arts. We aim to enrich the lives of children as well as audience members with the transformative power of theatre. 


WHAT are We gonna do about it?



Mismatch Theatre have developed a select range of workshops and exciting learning opportunities for schools and youth groups  that aim to get young people to test the boundaries of their  own imagination. This authentic theatre experience teaches them about the beauty of confidence through creativity within your own school setting.

We provide practical workshops such as:

  • Puppetry

  • Creative Storytelling

  • Working with Masks

  • Physical Theatre

  • Theatre Company for a Day


Workshops can be tailored to work alongside a school curriculum or Arts Enrichment Week and can be for classes and schools of any age and size.

For any enquires about what we can do for you, please contact us.

The reaction we have received has been incredible but if you want some more insight, check out these lovely messages!


During 2019 we worked with Waterstones to provide free Imagination Workshops during our Storytelling Time: 


"We welcome you to sit and listen to the stories, and join in with the Imaginative Workshop activities. We have multiple workshops designed to suit any type of young person, from the 'Outgoing Explorers' to the 'Quiet yet Curious'. This is suitable for little ones up to 12 years (but parents always have a great time too!)

This is a way for your little ones to explore the bookshop with curiosity and inspire them to pick up a book and take a look!"

We hope to return soon and get reading!

For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us!

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